Hating Special K ads – with a PASSION!

Special K stupid ad

Special K stupid ad

Sorry for the crap photography, but seeing as how Special K aren’t apologising for their crap ad, hopefully you’ll forgive us. We’ve hated this ad from the start. Why? It’s true you gain lots of things when you lose weight. Confidence? Sure.

But Passion? Courage? Joy? To quote Roger Federer: Are you kidding me?

People, be happy with yourself. If you want to lose weight, go for it, but never think for one second that slim people have a monopoly on Passion.

Passion created the Mona Lisa, the electric guitar, Screaming Jay Hawkins’ scream. Diets invented Elvis and eating disorders.

Years ago I ate Special K every day. I lost weight but ended up getting horrible spots. Maybe I was allergic to it, just like I’ve an allergy to the negative and damaging stereotyping in this ad. If Special K want to lose anything, it’s the old fashoned attitude.

Roger Federer gets gate raped

Another sexist ad that’s still always on the TV. Roger Federer gets his “chocolate balls” ogled and is then told he’ll be strip searched.

For anyone wondering what that means, Wiki says: the person is taken to a private room, which consists of:

  • removal of shirt
  • removal of trousers
  • removal of underwear (boxers/briefs) for men; bra/panties for women)

And I won’t even go into rubber gloves etc.

So let’s put that into perspective. Picture a woman going through security at the airport, 2 men think she’s attractive and order her to be strip searched so they can see her junk. Instant outrage.

The last line goes to Roger Federer, who says “Are you kidding me?”, which sums this whole sinister and sexist ad up in one sentence.

What do Bertolli butter and Diet Coke have in common?

Picture this ad: We open on a beach. A teenage girl steps out of the ocean and tries to remove her swimsuit discreetly. Cut to 3 old men leching at her. They order a dog over to remove the poor girl’s towel and, when she’s completely naked, one of the old perverts take a photograph for their porn collection/web bullying.

Now, thankfully, that sick sexist ad will never ever be made.

So, why is it that if we make it a young man being sexually harassed by three grandmas it’s ok?

Well done Bertolli Butter, your stomach churning ad has literally turned me off your product for life!

Now let’s take a look at Diet Coke doing the exact same thing. 5 women pooling all their intelligence to create their own version of a wet t-shirt competition – again, something you’re just not going to find a woman being co-erced to do in an advert. (Proper order.)

To me, Diet Coke is a product that is usually ordered by disillusioned people with battered fish and chips as a laughable attempt at watching their weight. This ad is just that idiotic. And it’s sexist.

You too could be like Hector Riva…a smug asshole!

Introducing Hector Riva, a guy with a dodgy accent (and a butler) who shows us his over-privileged world of yachts, penthouses and parties and then tells us we could be just like him if we would only gamble.

The basic flaw is that nobody would want to be – or even be near – such a smug little ass. If ever there was a personification of “they’ll hang around ’til your money is gone”, it’s Hector Riva.

Still, in spite of him, I will continue to do the Euromillions. If only to keep the 116 million-to-1 dream alive that one day I may indeed win the jackpot. I’d then buy a yacht, fill it with hired friends, and put a contract out on the writers of this ad, the director that got to fly all around the world to shoot it. And Hector, of course.

German company teaches Irish to the Irish

This is the perfect first post for Ad Nausea. It could be the worst ad ever. I don’t know why I hate this ad so much. Far as I can remember, ALDI are in the Irish marketplace now about 10 years. And now, they’re going to teach us how to talk Irish.

But this garbled video teaches you nothing. And what the hell is wrong with Barry? Is he trying to be weird, or trying to be quirky, or is he just an amadán?

This pair almost make Crystal Swing look normal. Anyone watching it after “why are you standing in the freezer” needs their heads examined.

To ALDI, the writers of this ad, the director of this ad and the actor who plays Barry, Suas Do Chul!